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Our very first project connecting great food with specialty coffee. A Vietnamese bistro with a cafe serving mostly beans from La Cabra roastery from Denmark. 

Cafefin's specialty is traditional Vientamese coffee - Phin. Now you know where the name comes from. This filtered coffee combines the gentle taste of Arabica with the more bitter taste of Robusta which are balanced by the high sweetness of condensed milk. 

Specialty coffee is not the only reason why people head to Cafefin - our breakfasts and authentic Vietnamese dishes are pretty famous, too. Coconut and oatmeal porridge, homemade buns with cream or different variations of avotoasts are a great start of the day. 

When creating our menu, we focus on authentic Asian dishes with an European twist. Bun Bo Nam Bo, sweet and sour pork belly, homemade Banh Mi baguettes or spicy Korean Bibimbap have a firm spot in our menu.

And finally, if coffee is not exactly the thing you are looking for, try matcha tea. A perfectly ground green tea, which can be prepared in many different ways. 






mon — sat

9:00 — 20:00


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