Mokka Sierra Nevada — Natural Anaerobic

690 Kč


The Sierra Nevada is located in the north of Colombia on the Caribbean Coast, with 5,775 and 5,560 meters above sea level respectively, makes it the highest coastal mountain in the world. There is hidden the Ciudad Perdida archaeological park, known as Teyuna, the heart of the Tayrona civilization.
  • Process : Natural Anaerobic
  • Varietal : Mokka
  • Quality score : 90
  • Look for : Red grapes, candied cherry, honey, brown sugar.
  • Whole Bean Coffee : 100g

Fermentation: Fresh cherries are fermented for 20 hours in open tanks after being hand sorted selecting the best cherries in the ideal ripeness point. Once this first stage is finished the batch is moved to barrels in where the cherries go through a second fermention for 90 hours in anaerobic form.

Drying Method: Once the whole fermetation is finished the cherries are moved to a mechanical dryer where they last 15 days until moistures is on the ideal percentage point. This mechanical dryers are regulated to a temprature of 36°C - 38°C.