We also created Cafefin, the first Vietnamese café in Prague, Format Coffee, a cozy small space focusing on specialty coffee, and Ăn Bistro Cafe, a unique bistro where specialty coffee meets pho.

Each of our places brings a different concept, a different experience, and a very unique vibe. But they are all connected by admiration and passion for coffee and the ambition to create a place to relax, a place where we leave behind the tiredness of everyday life.


Our journey begins in the heart of Europe, in Prague, where we select beans for their exquisite aromas and flavors from around the world. We roast and brew our carefully grown, harvested, and picked coffee beans with care, so you can experience the diversity of the coffee´s origin, preserved in its purest form.

We are on a mission to achieve a minimalistic approach to specialty coffee, pursuing the precise art of capturing the delicate fruit palette, unique to each coffee lot, into a delightful experience embodied in every single sip.


How many people in the world are connected by their love for coffee? Coffee is not just a drink, it makes us sit together for hours and talk, and share.

When you think of a place to go on a date, a place to have a business meeting, or just to get together after years of no contact, what comes to your mind immediately? For us, it's a coffee shop.

A place where people connect, live, and enjoy the present moment. Enjoy a delicious meal with stories and sharing over a great cup of coffee. Live more slowly, genuinely, and simply. Pause for a moment to forget their problems and feel what they may have forgotten in their everyday lives.

How many of us have forgotten what we really want or need? Stop, even if it is just for an hour, go through your memories and find yourself again. Are you likely to discover what you really want after living slowly for a while, as we did?


Enjoy every cup the same way we do — take a mellow sip, appreciate the fruit, and enjoy this very moment.