Thank you for your interest in working with us. With years of experience running our own various cafés, we are aiming to partner with businesses seeking the highest quality specialty coffee. 

We can tailor our wholesale program to your needs, to the kind of space where you want to use our coffee beans, asking you about the concept you have in mind. 

Mazelab as a micro coffee roastery is based in Prague since 2023. The idea behind creating our beans is to bring others the experience and taste that we love and are most satisfied with. 


The first criterion in roasting our coffee is to give people the experience of pure flavor. A good cup of coffee depends on a lot of factors, but mostly it depends on each person's feelings and preferences. That's why it is very hard to define a good cup of coffee. Each type of coffee has its own taste, each person has their own preferences. Creating a cup of coffee that suits every taste is probably impossible.

So we aim to bring our own experience, the best we can, to make our customers happy and to make them remember the beans from a tiny roastery in the middle of a city in the heart of Europe.