Our story


Jackie & Thu 

dreamer and real life supporter  

The story behind all of the projects is as unique as the project themselves. Jackie has always been an enthusiastic photographer and traveller and to travel more, he had decided to open a gallery where he could sell his photographs, ideally with a bit of refreshments so that visitors would stay longer, maybe even with Vietnamese coffee to honor his heritage. 

Fast forward to the present - this place is now known as Cafefin - famous for its great and beautiful food, specialty & Vietnamese coffee. Next time you are there, notice the photographs, they really are for sale. 

It was Cafefin, where Jackie met his wife. Since Thu got an angel with a little heart in her coffee, they create and run all of the projects together. Jackie as the visionary coffee lover and creative designer, and Thu as the manager, problem solver and go getter.  

Their motto might sound a little tacky but is nonetheless true: Do what you love. The love for precisely prepared specialty coffee, clear design and unique ideas can be found behind every project - cafefin, format, mazelab, and the newest addition to this family - mazelab coffee roastery.